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Gothic Granny

Bought a couple of shopping trolleys yesterday, and when I got home discovered that they were identical (except for colour and a cheaper price) to the one I bought Tuesday. I decided to keep that one, which is black instead of blue, and might use it when I go to goth clubs in Sydney.

Yes, I know that conjures up visions of a "Gothic Granny" hobbling from Central Station to Taylor's on Central with bag and cane, and turning on her hearing aide to hear Nine Inch Nails. However, I can carry a lot more down with me in one of these things, including corsets, boots and all sorts of stuff. That way I can always change when I get there (though exactly where I'd stow it while the club's on - cloak room? - is another question).



i hope u can make it to my blue party in september :P

Blue Party?

Remind me more of this nearer to teh date!